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After Care Program

Employed individuals are essential and vital to any community's economic and social well-being. Unemployed and unemployable are terms directly associated with at-risk individuals, especially our youth and young adults.

REVITE will provide a work-readiness training program in the community. Our program is designed for any individual seeking employment, economic independence and an overall better way of life. Our goal is to make ready and prepare for employment any individual seeking an entry-level position. REVITE is not a job placement center but will work diligently to find job placements for those that come to us for assistance.

Our training program will cover the following areas: Self Assessment Skills Test, Setting Short and Long Term Goals for Employment, Setting Career Goal, Proper Way to Fill Out Applications, Cash Handling & Basic Math Skills, Manners & Social Skills, Resume Writing, Effective Communication, Interviewing Skills, Researching Employment Opportunities, Appropriate Work Attires, and Appropriate Work Behavior.

There are a tremendous amount of needs in the community and at-risk individuals may need assistance in endeavors that may have been created by unfortunate circumstances. We have career professionals on stand-by to assist the needy with additional listed services.

Harris County Safe Home 

Community Home Development

Program Components

Harris County Safe Home 

Program assists low-income single parents in Harris County to obtain affordable used vehicles or minor car repairs to ensure safe, reliable transportation to meet employment, educational and child care responsibilities. R.E.V.I.T.E. Social Services will purchase used vehicles and contract with Triple A approved minority owned auto repair shops to accept vouchers to provide basic care repair and state mandated inspections.

​Fresh Start Home Relocation Program

​Fresh Start Home Relocation Program

​Fresh Start Home Relocation Program

Solutions for At-Risk Youth

A free mobile tax service program designed to offer tax services to senior citizens and disabled individuals residing in and around Harris County. R.E.V.I.T.E. Social Services wil identify, screen and qualify applicants seeking home based tax preparation and consulting services due to age and physical limitations. In partnership with TCB Tax Services, a full service tax preparation and consulting firm. R. E.V.I.T. E. will provide free tax services to ensure the timely and accurate completion of 2009 United States Tax returns for qualified individuals by the April 15, 2010.Type your paragraph here.

Tax Services for Shut-Ins

Adult Programs

​Community Home Development

Proactive home safety program targeting low income families and senior citizens residing in Harris County designed to encourage of home safety and provide free safety devices and installation. Following a home safety inspection and assessment by a qualified and state licensed inspector, eligible applicantswill receive new deadbolt locks on exit doors; smoke detectors; carbon monoxide detectors; fire extinguishers and a hurricane readiness packs.

​Fresh Start Home Relocation Program

Community Home Development

The cornerstone of REVITE is it's residential treatment program. Troubled youth, boys specifically, from age six (6) to seventeen (17), are taught how to turn their lives around. In instances where boys are prevented from living at home or even with a foster family, they can be assisted with living arrangements that will focus on their inabilities. Once placed in a highly structured, family like setting, the youth are held accountable for their behavior. The youth are encouraged to get involved with the community, by volunteering at local charities, gardening for seniors, doing clean­up at schools, and many other services. The youth are responsible for daily chores around their home, as well as, nightly schoolwork. They are required to be well groomed, well mannered and polite. The youth are also provided with weekly, individual group therapy, as well as family therapy when appropriate, to help him master the issues that brought him to REVITE.

Home relocation project designed to provide emergency assistance for basic utility costs (electricity, gas, water, phone) and mover fees associated with apartment and/or home relocation in Harris County area. Eligible participants include low income families; single parent household and ex-offenderswho have completed probation requirements.

Vocational Readiness

REVITE Social Services provides affordable housing projects for low-income community residents. We are committed to advancing an individual's living arrangements by way of new construction, renovation or rental. As a structured process, the organization is prepared to manage and maintain property or assist any of our teaming partners with the management or development aspects of community living. We specialize in non-housing services that have a lasting benefit for the community, such as counseling, food relief, or childcare facilities.

Community Home Development

Most at-risk children come from single parent homes. In many cases this single parent is their sole provider. In addition, more mothers and fathers are working parents with jobs outside of the home, where they spend an estimated ten hours a day away from their children and homes.

Our goal at REVITE is to provide a safe place for our children after school and a peace of mind for their parents. We will provide quality supervision in a safe, secure, peaceful, nurturing, and educational environment for our children. A parent can expect to pick their children up with assurance and confidence that they are not abused, hungry, illiterate, lost or socially inept. Our after school program is designed to assist parents with snack time, homework, and physical activity.

​Revitalizing Eager Vulnerable Individuals Through Excellence

Safe Wheels & Car Repair